Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle / RDSV Snowmobile Ski Test: Simmons Gen III Flexi Ski Snowmobile studs in a track Rock Maple Racing Returns with Cross Country Snowmobile Racing Review: ThermaCELL heated insoles
  • Juan Garcia Mansilla
    Jan 15, 2016

    The Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle / RDSV is a 2 seater high speed vehicle for use in any polar environment. This was strictly a personal project, just for the fun of it said designer Juan Garcia Mansilla.     The current paradigm for snow vehicles states: “Simple Traction at the…

  • Snowmobile-Ski-Test-Simmons-Gen-III-spec
    Jan 04, 2016

    The Great American Snowmobile Ski Test Part V: The Simmons Gen III Flexi Ski. Will these ski wars ever be done? Hell no! As long as there is American exceptionalism and ingenuity at work here in the USA, this reporter will bring product tests to the dedicated readers of sledmass and…

  • Snowmobile studs in a track
    Dec 20, 2015

    Installing studs in the track of your snowmobile may be the best performance and safety enhancement you can make. How many studs you install is equally important.   Studs get the power to the ground, increasing traction in ice in snow by a significant amount. You can add all the…

  • Rock Maple Racing Returns with Cross Country Snowmobile Racing
    Nov 24, 2015

    Rock Maple Racing returns to snowmobile racing after five-year hiatus, announces 2016 Rock Maple Racing Cross Country Snowmobile Races and schedule.   From its origin in the winter of 1991-92 to the day it was sold in May of 2010, Rock Maple Racing (RMR) was the most widely-recognized and respected sanctioning…

  • ThermaCELL-heated-insoles-thermostat
    Nov 20, 2015

    Jim Tucker’s review of ThermaCELL heated insoles.   What’s black and gray and warm all over? Why it’s ThermaCELL heated insoles, course! That’s boot warmers to you and me. There’s an old adage that says if you’re not warm then you won’t enjoy snowmobiling. Back in the day, a leather…

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