E-15 fuel is NOT approved for snowmobile use Conway Snowmobile Club featured at Recorder.com Ware River snowmobile club Snowmobile Water Speed Record E-15 Fuel Not Approved For Snowmobiles
  • Jan 28, 2014

    An earlier post concerning E-15 ethanol fuel outlined that the EPA had not approved the blended gas for use in Snowmobiles. This followed concerns by the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association requesting proper scientific testing of E-15 before being introduced into the marketplace.   The National Motorists Association recently announced that…

  • Conway Snowmobile Club featured at Recorder.com
    Jan 04, 2014

    The Recorder posted a detailed story about the Conway Snowmobile Club, in particular the volunteer efforts of Paul Sokoloski and club president, Ron Sweet.   “Though he wouldn’t take credit himself, club members credited Sokoloski for building much of the equipment the group uses to clear and groom the trails….

  • Ware River Snowmobile Club
    Dec 01, 2013

    The Worcester Telegram and Gazette featured a story about the upcoming snowmobile season “Mass. snowmobiles go where the cover is deep” by George Barnes.   Quoted in the story were SAM members Jay Pease and Herb Hilton.   “Mr. Pease of the Ware River club said snowmobile clubs’ expansion and…

  • snowmobile_water_speed_record_106_mph
    Oct 28, 2013

    Two men from Anchorage Alaska are staking claim to the snowmobile speed record on water. The Anchorage Daily News reported that Rick Coffman piloted the modified Yamaha to 106 MPH on the Knik River, besting an old record of 102.5 MPH held by a man in Norway.   Curve Industries,…

  • E-15 fuel is NOT approved for snowmobile use
    Sep 20, 2013

    Test Results Released on E-15 Fuel Impact on Snowmobiles   The US Department Of Energy (DOE) released a study conducted by Michigan Technological University which was designed to evaluate the effects of E-15 fuel on current and legacy snowmobile engines and vehicles.   Three test scenarios were conducted to evaluate…

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