• Small Streams and Impacts of Sub-Standard Crossings

    Oct 17, 2012

    Alison Dixon of the Housatonic Valley Association (HVA) was the guest speaker at the October SAM meeting. Alison spoke of the importance of Small Streams and the impacts of sub-standard crossings for habitat.


    Knowing that SAM members spend a great amount of time outdoors she asked that we help identify impediments in rivers and streams, and went on to explain how wildlife can be impeded from using the crossing due to a variety of culvert problems.


    Over 900 stream crossings have been identified in the Housatonic Watershed in Massachusetts. It’s not only fish that may have difficulty moving through crossings, it impacts wildlife, big and small.


    Wildlife can be impeded from using the crossing due to a variety of culvert problems as the slideshow below illustrates.


    River and Stream Continuity from sledmass


    What can SAM do? Alert HVA to any crossing concerns.


    • Obtain GPS coordinates for that location
    • Take upstream and downstream pictures of the crossing (inlet and outlet)
    • Send pictures and coordinates to Alison Dixon


    She closed by congratulating SAM on our well organized trail system and asked that we continue to build beautiful bridges that allow free passage.

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